Inspire to learn: The entrepreneur

I can finally start sharing the portraits that I have been taking for my "Inspire to learn project".  These are portraits of people that have a passion for what they do.  They have been kind enough to share their educational experiences that have helped them to get to the position where they are able to do what they love to do, for a living.  Please do contact me if you know of such people that might be willing to participate in this project.  This is a follow on to my project looking at the challenges children face trying to get a decent education at schools in South Africa.  I really do want to try and inspire people to take their education seriously and study hard with the aim of achieving their dreams, whatever that might be.  Here is the first portrait from the series..  More images and stories to follow:

Rapha super cross - Cyclocross in Munich

I spent the day watching the Rapha super cross cyclocross series in Munich last weekend.  I love the Olympic stadium and park.  It has one of my favourite swimming pools where Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals.  The cyclocross track is great too and has hosted two world championships already.  What a great sport combining road and mountain bikes!  I would love to do a race or two one day.  I've done lots of triathlons, multi-stage mountain bike races and lots of bike races, but no cyclocross race (yet).  I'm busy working on my next "cycling in the high mountains" image which should be ready very soon.  Passo Gavia or Passo di Giau in the Dolomites perhaps.

I would love to shoot an ad campaign for a bike company sometime soon!  



Piazza Rendezvous (continued)

She arrives and he is gone!

A special thank to the great team that helped produce this shoot.

Stylist: Katalin Kiss (wonderful clothing and vintage travel bags).

Model:  Melanie 

MUA and Hair: Valerie Malka

Casting:  Lara Werner

1st assistant:  Robert Prawda

Location Scout:  Chiara Pedersoli

Piazza Rendezvous

He is waiting...

I recently completed a shoot that I had been planning for a long time.  The piazza is in Brescia (Italy), which is home to the famous Mille Miglia classic car race.  I really wanted to pay homage to the race and keep everything authentic, including the car that I used as a prop.  The car would have to be eligible to race in the Mille Miglia and I was lucky enough to use a 1950's classic Ferrari for the shoot.  James Bond's Aston Martin came to mind but the Pininfarina Ferrari was better for this Italian shoot.  The Ferrari was perfect too because its colour fitted in perfectly with the monochrome colour palette that I was particularly after.  To get an idea of the race, you must watch the short film “CASTELLO CAVALCANTI” by Wes Anderson.  It’s wonderful.

Behind the scenes

It was so hot in the studio that we ended up doing make-up outside.  This is probably the most expensive sun umbrella in the world, but it's all I had. 

Gregg Thorne

Leica Q

I guess that I can reveal the camera now that it has been officially released.  Very impressive, although it's all about the light.

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann. Leica Chairman and owner of the company.

I had the pleasure of bumping into Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Chairman and owner of Leica cameras) in Brescia and he was kind enough to allow me to take his portrait.  I was also able to see his new camera that "does not yet exist". He was reluctant to show it to me but I did say that I wouldn't publish any details.  I did however take a photograph of the new prototype later on when Dr. Kaufmann took a photo, although I cannot publish that until the new Leica is released.  What a nice guy and happy, I am sure, to see me using one of his products.

Passo di Croce Domini

Cycling in the high mountains - Famous Giro d'Italia mountain passes.

Hoping to spend more time in the Dolomites and northern Italy this Spring to continue my photo series of cycling in the high mountains, over famous Giro d'Italia mountain passes.

ZA Portraits

Just back from another visit home to South Africa where I had the opportunity to continue my 'education in South Africa' project.  Lots of more portraits and stories to follow, as soon as I get a chance to process and write-up the stories.  It's a very humbling and rewarding experience.  

Doing a few portraits for Paul's hunting website that he is working on.  Do you need a hunter for a guided tour to South Africa or Namibia?

Back in the studio

I am finally back in the studio again.  Doing a lot of testing right now and about to start working on a few interesting concepts for my portfolio.  Very exciting!

Jay Leno

I bumped into Mr. Jay Leno in Brescia (IT) on Wednesday and I asked him if I could take a quick portrait.  "You can take a slow one too", he replied.  Naturally I asked him if he minded following me to some good light and he obliged.  What a fantastic guy!