Is this the future of Media?

Billboards, 'Point of Sale' Banners, Video Images and Postcards plus BTS videos from a recent multi-media advertising campaign for Der MedienCAMPUS.

The client used the imagery for Medientagen Munich, the largest media congress in Europe.  Germany's chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel opened the congress and called for greater transparency from the likes of Facebook and Google, with regards to their algorithms and use and evaluation of user data, which is very interesting considering that Google is potentially facing a fine of more than €1bn for abusing its dominance in search.

It was a great collaboration with the art director and I was given free rein to come up with the concepts and lighting style for the imagery.  The key brief was to make the images look edgy and contrast traditional concepts.

The end product was a Billboard campaign, 'Point of Sale' Banners at the Medientagen, Video Images that were broadcast at McDonald's restaurants, a Postcards campaign and BTS videos and imagery.

Initial ideas for my lighting plan....