The Ford Motor Company - IAA 2017 Motor Show, Frankfurt

Imagery from my last campaign for the Ford Motor Company.

I had a wonderful commission to produce the images for Ford’s stand at the IAA 2017 Motor Show in Frankfurt, the world's largest auto show.  The brief was to tell people stories by real Ford experts underlining Ford’s commitment to excellence.  The portraits present a selection of Ford of Germany employees, printed on huge columns and shown on the the very large LED screen at the motor show.

We spent three days at Ford's factory in Cologne (Niehl and Merkenich) photographing the eight employees that would be used for the portraits and landscape images. 

It should get a lot of coverage... considering that almost a million people will be visiting the show.

I'm feeling very grateful and must thank the awesome team at Imagination in London for giving me the commission. Thank you James, Graeme and Greg for the wonderful collaboration. It was a complete pleasure!

Is this the future of Media?

Billboards, 'Point of Sale' Banners, Video Images and Postcards plus BTS videos from a recent multi-media advertising campaign for Der MedienCAMPUS.

The client used the imagery for Medientagen Munich, the largest media congress in Europe.  Germany's chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel opened the congress and called for greater transparency from the likes of Facebook and Google, with regards to their algorithms and use and evaluation of user data, which is very interesting considering that Google is potentially facing a fine of more than €1bn for abusing its dominance in search.

It was a great collaboration with the art director and I was given free rein to come up with the concepts and lighting style for the imagery.  The key brief was to make the images look edgy and contrast traditional concepts.

The end product was a Billboard campaign, 'Point of Sale' Banners at the Medientagen, Video Images that were broadcast at McDonald's restaurants, a Postcards campaign and BTS videos and imagery.

Initial ideas for my lighting plan....


Cantiere Ernesto Riva.

Daniele Riva. 6th Generation master craftsmen since 1771. Wooden boat builders and restoration from Laglio, Lake Como.

Editorial Piazza Shoot

A special thank to the great team that helped produce this shoot and to everyone for waking up at 3:30am for a sunrise shoot!! 

Model: Margherita

MUA and Hair: Francesca Mamone       

Stylist: Chiara Pedersoli

Shooting permission & permits:  Laura from the Film Commission in Brescia

Assistants:  Antonio, Andrea and Chiara

Private Equity Magazine

The new edition of Private Equity magazine for the annual Munich Private Equity Conference (MUPET). The magazine comments on the latest developments in Private Equity from Germany and abroad. This is the third year that I have been involved with this magazine and the second year that I have had sole responsibility of producing all the imagery for the magazine. Robert Doppelbauer was my second shooter to help cover the event.  The magazine has been renamed to Private Equity and has been wonderfully designed by the talented Lutz Widmaier, the award-winning designer at schmidwidmaier design agency.  The project was once again expertly managed by Sophie von Klot at Sophie Boning Communications.  It is always great collaborating with very talented people and this was no exception. The magazine can be viewed here.

Giro d'Italia - Two days with the tour in the beautiful Dolomites

It's always special visiting one of the Grand Tours and I couldn't have been happier when the Giro came past my backyard in the Südtirol (a few hours drive from Munich).  I have spent a lot of time in Val Gardena and the surrounding areas of the Dolomites and it really is paradise for cyclists and skiers.  My press pass was confirmed on Friday night and I was in the car and on my way very early Saturday morning to cover the Queen stage (210 Km and over 5,000m of climbing) which finished in Corvara.  Sunday's stage was the individual TT in Castelrotto and I chose to focus on the riders warming up before the race. Steven Kruijswijk finished second in Corvara and made up enough time to take the coveted pink jersey.

Photo Editors

It's always a lot of fun and very interesting meeting photo editors and the Condé Nast group has some of the very best.  Wonderful meetings with "Myself" and only a few weeks after meeting with AD Architectural Digest.  Vanity Fair would be the ultimate!  Wired Magazine would be pretty cool too.

Francesco Lamon

Francesco is a member of the Italian national track cycling team. I had the pleasure of photographing the Italian national track team during their three day training camp at the Fassa Bartolo velodrome in Montichiari. A special thank you to their head coach, Marco Villa, for being so hospitable and allowing me access to the riders.

Marco Villa - Head coach of the Italian national track cycling team.

I had the pleasure of photographing the Italian national track team during their three day training camp at the Fassa Bartolo velodrome in Montichiari.  A special thank you to their head coach, Marco Villa, for being so hospitable and allowing access to the riders.  Marco has an incredible track record and is a two times world champion and Olympic medallist at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Davide Cassani - Head coach of the Italian national cycling squad.

It was an honour to meet Davide Cassani at the indoor cycling track in Montichiari, Italy.  Davide was kind enough to introduce me to Marco Villa, the Italian national track cycling coach.  Unfortunately Davide wasn't there the day after when I brought some decent lighting along, to photograph the Italian national track team during their three day training camp.

Tessuti Milani dal 1588

When I took this portrait I asked Giorgio to think about his business that has been in his family since 1588 and that it will no longer exist when he retires.  Due to changes in the industry he will be the last generation of his family to run this business.

It was wonderful spending a morning with Giorgio in his shop.  When I was testing my lighting Giorgio stood there patiently and said that he didn't like posing with his hands doing nothing.  He wanted to feel his fabrics and touch the cloth.  That is where his passion is and that is what he told me.  

Inspire to learn: The portraits

I can finally start sharing the portraits that I have been taking for my "Inspire to learn" project.  These portraits are of people that have a passion for what they do.  They have been kind enough to share their educational experiences that have helped them to get to the position where they are able to do what they love to do, for a living.  This is a follow on to my project looking at the challenges children face trying to get a decent education at schools in South Africa.  I want to try and inspire people to take their education seriously and to study hard with the aim of achieving their dreams, whatever that might be.  Here are the first portraits..  More images and stories to follow: